miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

Is everything already invented in the spanish timbrado ?

I must admit that I have been taken aback  a couple of times by this lapidary statement coming from two good breeders, well,  I must say that I’m not so surprised from one of them, understanding the sales context to which he constantly recurs in order to preserve his yearly list of bird buyers.

From the other breeder it was indeed quite a surprise, and either shows some arrogance or absolute ignorance, the truth of the matter is that in the Spanish timbrado arena there are many things to be yet understood especially from the science and biology point of view. And as an example I would like to point out a few examples of questions that need to be answered objectively.

1.- How do the learning mechanisms work exactly? Are there particular moments of the daytime where they are more sensitive to learn? Concrete days in the molting cycle? I have my own hypothesis from an empiric point of view that I have already shared with you through the blog.

2.- Exactly, what is the genetic contribution from the hen in the canary singing capabilities? Is it different in every mating? Is there dominance present from the genetic point of view in the singing capabilities?

3.- Is there any correlation between the bird color and its singing/repertoire capacity? Please do not jump into this one, the obvious answer is no but we are always trying to establish scientific evidence.

4.- Is there any way to influence in the neurogenesis process so canaries once they learn, never drop their repertoire?

I have left only four simple questions that are yet to be address from the scientific point of view, again, we all might have our own theories but no scientifically proven. If you get an answer then ask again and again and you will find that there is no evidence to support some of the lapidary statements some breeder use. Replicating systematically a success formula that you’ve been taught has no merit in my opinion. The constant search for learning must be part an integral part of in the spirit of good canary breeder.

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